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A study on the development methodology of the business model in ubiquitous technology

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The recently growing 'ubiquitous technology' environment combines off-line and on-line, while creating new space, differing from the existing environment, which is used in diverse business opportunities. Many nations, including the USA, European nations and Japan, are conducting diverse projects and research related to ubiquitous technology, to seize these opportunities, and in Korea universities and research institutes are leading relevant research. Yet the concept of ubiquitous technology has yet to be fully established, preventing any in-depth research. The fragmented service scenario applying the simple factor technology can bring technical innovation which is limited in sustainability and expansion. In this respect, this study aims to present a new methodology for the development of new business, which can be widely used by companies, based upon characteristics of recently available technical and application systems. Here, we analysed customers' needs in the mobile industry, presented a methodology for the development of relevant business factors, and then verified its validity.

Keywords: business factors, business models, ubiquitous technology, customer needs, mobile phones, mobile devices, mobile communications, e-business, electronic business, m-business, mobile business, digital service, digital content, critical success factors, ubiquitous business, Korea

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