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A study towards implementation of a standalone environmental monitoring device


Environment is an issue of major concern all round the world. Protection of environmental resources such as groundwater or marine environment from contamination became an issue of high priority, which requires special consideration. In order to protect the shores water used in desalination and groundwater from various contaminants that may leak from industrial and ship activities, a remote monitoring system was designed in this study to continuously monitor the state of pollution near potential sources. The system was designed to operate without operator intervention and is connected to a central computer using state-of-the-art wireless communication network. The system was tested recently to monitor environmental parameters of the inland lagoon in the city of Sharjah. This paper describes the design requirements, methodology and microcontroller-based implementation of the monitoring unit and the results of the test study.

Keywords: SMS messaging, remote monitoring, leakage monitoring, microcontrollers, environmental sensors, environmental monitoring, environmental technology, environmental protection, pollution monitoring, water pollution, water quality, wireless communications, wireless networks, inland lagoons, water contamination, sustainability, water resources

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