A summary of existing regulations and development opportunities for CO2 capture and storage


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This project was the result of co-operation between Canadian Standards Association (CSA), Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), Alberta Energy, Alberta Energy & Utilities Board (EUB), Saskatchewan Industry and Resources, and Saskatchewan Environment.  The main purpose of this collaboration was to produce recommendations for the further development of the CO2 Capture and Storage regulatory infrastructure based on an assembled summary of existing regulations, codes, guidelines, and standards.

The concept for this project was officially identified in January 2006, when NRCan officials discussed the benefit of understanding the full spectrum of regulations and standards for CO2 Capture and Storage with representatives from government agencies of Alberta and Saskatchewan, as well as CSA.  The stakeholders supported analyzing existing regulatory documentation for its applicability to CO2 Capture and Storage in order to identify opportunities that would strengthen the regulatory infrastructure.

To demonstrate leadership and to initiate the project, NRCan agreed to sponsor this analysis effort.  Experts from each of the federal and provincial government organizations agreed to participate in the project by contributing information and providing input.  As a result of this project, federal and provincial governments will have an additional tool to assist in the decision making process with respect to regulatory documentation for the industry.  Capitalizing on identified opportunities will strengthen the establishment of a CO2 Capture and Storage industry, and result in Canada remaining as the international leader in the application of this technology.

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