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A system approach to safety case study

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I firmly believe every safety professional is fully committed and engaged in a myriad of programs and processes to minimize to the maximum extent possible, injury and illness which occur in our work environments. At our very core as safety professionals we are humanitarians at heart. Our goal is both simple and complex: to ensure each and every employee goes home safely to their families and loved ones.

Safety cannot be viewed as merely a priority within our organizations; as priorities can often change depending on many factors. Instead, safety is a core value where every management decision supports and adds strength to the value. If a contemplated decision does not support the value system, then it is the wrong decision! At one time or another, each of us has envisioned a safety culture where zero injuries and illness is possible. As a company, we are certainly no different. I also believe if each of us had a crystal ball to predict when, where, and why our next injury were to occur, we would all have at least one and pay any amount of money to obtain it. In the interim, what if we could use existing technology to come closer and closer to predicting the next injury? Would it deserve our attention? Is it even possible?

While the statements above may seem irrational or absurd by some, we see strong indications from analyzing the leading indicators of incidents that we are coming closer to the eventual predictive interpretation of the empirical evidence gathered within our work environments. The challenge for us has been to identify how we can obtain the data in an appropriate manner, analyze it, synthesize it, and communicate findings quickly to project operations and employees within our sphere of influence?

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