A Systems` Approach to In Situ Bioremediation: Full-Scale Application (PDF)

An 18-month, in-situ biological program, specifically aimed at accelerating the current attenuation process such that the owner can sell the property began May 5, 2000. The remedial approach has focused on population management, nutrient augmentation, terminal electron acceptor enhancement, and an efficient subsurface delivery of the enhancement liquids. Specifically, a novel delivery system, utilizing direct push advancement equipment coupled with high-pressure air and liquid systems allowed for uniform lateral distribution of the materials to the impacted capillary fringe zone. The treatment zone has been from 9 to 11 feet below grade across this 20,000 square foot property. Preliminary analytical results from soils and groundwater at the site indicate that the targeted 18-month remediation time-line will be met.  Samples from the groundwater and the soils 300 days into the eighteen-month program indicate total BTEX concentrations in the soils have been reduced an average of 76% with a 92% decrease in toluene. Groundwater BTEX levels have also seen a dramatic decrease, approaching targeted treatment levels in several of the wells within ten months.

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