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A systems view of data integration for emergency response


In the wake of the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 and Hurricane Katrina, emergency response has acquired a new level of importance. Emergency managers must be prepared to respond to conscious acts of terror, caused by individuals wanting to inflict harm, as well as the more traditional natural calamities and human errors. Response must be faster, more integrated, and more intelligent in responding to these events in order to reduce the human, environmental and economic losses. One key element of improved response is improving the ability of the first responders (fire, EMS, police, etc.) to share data in time to support decision-making. This paper will discuss methods for improving data sharing, including how communications and computing technologies can facilitate the integration. Finally, a description of ongoing research in improving traffic incident management in the Capital District region of New York State will be presented.

Keywords: emergency response, traffic incident management, systems analysis, systems integration, computer aided dispatch, data sharing, system interoperability, data integration, emergency management, information technology, decision making, communications, simulation

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