A three month test run was a success at OBI - Case Study


Courtesy of Bramidan Balers

People used to get tools and nails from the ironmonger, they bought paint and wallpaper from the specialist paint shop and wood from the timber merchant. Now the customers can obtain everything from the OBI store.

Loads of loose waste
The variety of goods on the shelves in an OBI store means loads of waste in the goods reception, which take up a lot of space.

The OBI Management visited H-Trio, a Bramidan distributor, during a customer event with professional presentation of the Bramidan product programme. H-Trio showed the OBI managers how to operate a baler and convinced them about the benefits of a baler solution. They made an agreement about installation of balers in all stores in Hungary.

Previously OBI used to collect all waste into containers, separated in fractions: cardboard, foil and communal waste. They did not use any baler for compacting all this bulky waste, and they even considered having more containers. This meant more space needed and at the same time increased costs for rental and collection.

The employees used small roll containers to collect the foil and cardboard in the store and then pushed them outside to reload all waste into big outdoor containers. The distance was quite long between the store and the outside container and therefore this transport of waste took unnecessary time for the employees.

Test run was a success
First H-Trio made a study of OBI’s needs for waste handling, and for the compression of cardboard they suggested a baler model X30. After only three months of test run in their biggest store, OBI decided to buy this type of baler for all their stores.

The total waste handling solution for OBI included a Foster Press-Tainer for the foil and a LIM ContainerPacker for the communal waste. For the cardboard waste a X30 baler with wires was recommended, an important issue because the Hungarian paper industry only accepts the wire wrapped paper and cardboard bales. The size and weight of the finished bale was also important, it should be more than 300 kg. OBI sells their cardboard bales for recycling to the paper industry.

OBI is very satisfied with the solution that was recommended by H-Trio, and points out these advantages; the baler is placed at the waste source, employees save time, costs for container rental are reduced, and highly compacted bales are sold to the paper industry.

About OBI
OBI is the leading brand on the German and European building and DIY market – and getting bigger all the time. In 1970 the first OBI store opened in Germany and today OBI is represented with more than 530 stores in 13 European countries, 38.500 employees and a yearly turnover of 5.9 billion Euros.

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