A trial period of two weeks convinced Nitta Corpartion of the right waste solution - Case Study


Courtesy of Bramidan Balers

The baler model B5W with a large opening offers Nitta Corporation the right solution for the processing of 25 liter bags.

About Nitta - a producer of conveyors

Nitta Corporation of Holland is part of Nitta Corporation of Japan. They produce quality conveyors from their plant in Alkmaar to the agriculture, automotive and food industry. The production of these conveyors is mostly tailor made for their customers. Quality and a high level of service is highly valued by Nitta.

Tailor made waste solution from Bramidan

The necessary raw materials, including PVC powder, are usually supplied in 25 liter bags. These are cut open manually by the employees of Nitta and then emptied into a large mixing container.

Until recently the empty bags were gathered in a container on the ground level. The stack of empty bags was deposited in a mesh container from the waste handling company. For optimal filling of the container, the bags were tamped by the employees. Given the nature of the material, this process caused a lot of dust in the workplace. To the employees this was very stressful. Moreover, this process took a lot of manual operations.

Bramidan examined the situation on-site and offered the following solution: a vertical baler model B5W. This baler compresses the bags into bales of approximately 100 kg each. Moreover, this baler has a large filling opening of 1 meter which makes the filling of bags into the machine very simple.

Trial period with baler was convincing

Mr. Ron Holthuis, Manager of the Technical Department, decided to make use of the suggested trial period and tested the efficiency of the baler. During these two weeks, it was clear, the employees of Nitta were very enthusiastic about the waste solution from Bramidan. The processing of waste handling takes significantly less time, the workplace is cleared away and there is less dust in the area.

To ensure a better working environment Nitta has chosen a baler equipped with a connection for the extraction of dust. Now the employees at the mixer are able to fill the empty bags directly into the chamber of the baler, instead of first temporarily placing them on the floor. It looks neat now, and the waste is no longer directly visible. ' The dust is not eliminated,' Ron Holthuis says, ' but with this new baler the dust problem has been reduced .' In addition, the employees can now spend more time on what matters: run production.

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