A triple bottom line opportunity for our cities

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Courtesy of Fluor Corporation

The triple bottom line for capital project delivery means the integration of financial, environmental and social objectives for a sustainable outcome. We’re talking about the very core of how a private sector company conducts its own business and how it works with its client to find a balance of solutions to their capital project delivery, financing and ongoing operations. This represents a significant challenge, but one that we at Fluor are taking head on.

Before I start I would like to define how we at Fluor see sustainability.

For us, sustainability means meeting the needs of our clients while conducting our business in a socially, economically, and environmentally responsible manner to the benefit of current and future generations.

In this paper I will cover two topics:

1. The triple bottom line opportunity
2. How Fluor can help its clients and the citizens of our growing urban areas meet this challenge
- Focus will be on one particular infrastructure opportunity

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