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A user–layered approach for modelling and simulating terrorist attacks


Modelling and simulation techniques offer a comprehensive method for assessing the impact of a terrorist attack, allowing multiple scenarios to be simulated with ease without imposing extensive time or cost constraints. The aim of this paper is to provide a comprehensive model for the different categories of users who are likely to be involved in the modelling and simulation of a terrorist attack. The model focuses on assessing protection measures for implementation within a single building. It takes into account the different types of threat (biological, chemical and explosive) that may occur within or around such a target infrastructure. Finally it considers that a specific company may be required to invest in one or more protection technologies to reduce the risk of an attack occurring, be it a single threat or a combination of threats.

Keywords: client–servers, critical infrastructures, modelling, scenario analysis, security systems, terrorist attacks, terrorism, simulation, user categories, protection technologies, biological threat, chemical threat, explosive threat

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