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A Walk in the Park? Think I’d Prefer It!

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So here comes my second blog for Cycle South Africa. Training is going OK so far though I haven’t been getting as much in during the weeks as possible. Weekend rides have been going well though and I’ve even managed a cycle through Hyde park on a Santander Boris Bike!

I did have a slight mishap with my cleats and managed to fall off my bike, rather embarrassingly directly on to my right knee meaning I have a graze like I’m a 5-year-old again, yay! But I carried on going for the 14 miles left of the ride! #proud

Fundraising is going well. We’ve had another bake sale and something we called our “Friday Hour of Fun”, consisting of a press up challenge – won by Microlise Marketing Manager Len Mifsud with an amazing 70 press ups in just 46 seconds. We also hosted a paper aeroplane competition.

Our next big fundraiser will be at Halloween. We are yet to decide on exactly what we will do but I’m sure more sweet and savoury goodies will be available – I think we will be to blame for some serious weight gain across the Microlise office pretty soon!

We’ve been taking a look at the elevation and miles per day for the trip, which has made the challenge seem very real. I’ve made some comparisons to help the ascents more visual. Looks like it’s going to be a fun few days!?

Day 1 – De Doorns to Montague 115km/71.5m (the name says it all!)
Total ascent: 1597 metres (that’s just under 2 of the tallest building in the world – The Burj Khalifa..) Total descent: 1782 metres

Day 2 – Montague to Barrydale 89km/55m
Total ascent: 1003 metres (that’s just over two of shanghai world financial centre) Total descent: 931 metres

Day 3 – Barrydale to Malgas 80km/50m
Total ascent: 1393 metres (A picture of the mountain..) Total descent: 1693 metres

Day 4 – Malgas to Arniston 90km/56m
Total ascent: 860 metres (Around one Burj Khalifa) Total descent: 905 metres

Day 5 – Arniston to Cape Alguhas 77km/48m
Total ascent: 220 metres (Two football Pitches!) Total descent: 222 metres

Introducing Another Member of the Microlise Cycle South Africa Team, Mark Young:

I’m Mark Young and I’m one of the four privileged employees who will be cycling across South Africa in aid of Transaid. Whilst I love completing challenges for charity – I’ve cycled to Brighton, Amsterdam and then Euros earlier this year – this one goes way beyond anything I’ve ever done! 450 km in 30 degree heat- this certainly isn’t a holiday, but I love that Transaid is giving us this opportunity to really see what we’re made of!

Down here in London I’m doing all I can to raise money, from offering out my services as a Handy Man, completing the dreaded Dry January (again, begrudgingly), and even roping in my wife – who’s a fitness instructor – by getting her to host charity Body Combat classes for her friends and colleagues (watch out HQ, she might be heading North at some point!).

Transaid Info – Some facts & figures from programmes between May 2015 – April 2016

Road Safety:

  • 1493 drivers were trained by Transaid’s partners in Zambia and 4436 in Tanzania. A total of 5929!
  • 24 trainers were trained on a range of road safety disciplines.
  • New HGV and PSV curricula, and an instructors’ manual, were developed for application in all five of the East Africa Community member states.
  • 2016 also sees Transaid expand the road safety programme into Malawi.

Improving Access to Healthcare:

Transaid programme data shows that 8,470 people accessed health care services thorough the emergency transport system Transaid and partners have implemented across four countries:

  • 1788 MORE MAMaZ
  • 1592 Uganda Merck[1]
  • 4341 Nigeria ETS
  • 749 Madagascar MAHEFA

The vast majority of trips were made by pregnant women and children under 5 years old.

As ever we welcome donations however small on our Just Giving page, please sponsor us for this very worthy cause:

Donate to Help Jen and Mark Meet Their Transaid Fundraising Goial

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