A Whole New Climate for Information

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Courtesy of IHS Markit

For the Dutch firm Essent Energy, reporting carbon emissions is becoming a round the clock affair. The company, which also operates in Germany and Belgium, is capable of generating reports on an hourly or half hourly basis, from all
parts of the company on any day of the year. It is a level of automation now essential in the face of national and international commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The same is true for other power companies in a sector turned upside down by the new demands of environmental regulation, emissions trading and, increasingly, changing corporate ownership. Companies need to streamline information systems in order to collect, collate and distribute the data now deemed essential to their business. For a company like Essent Energy, the driver to install an enterprise wide environmental information system is clear-cut. Essent needs to respond to the EU’s Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) and timely, clear and consistent emissions reports are an essential part of the equation.

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