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A “Wise” Solution: Baler Turns Cardboard Into Cash - Case Study


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In the past several decades, Cash Wise Foods stores have made a big splash in Minnesota and North Dakota.  A subsidiary of Coborn’s, Cash Wise stores are big box food stores focused on low price, variety, and value.  According to their own marketing promotions, “’Efficiency’ is the name of the game so customers get the biggest bang for their buck.”

The employee-owned Cash Wise stores specialize in being able to provide a wide variety of quality products on a large scale.  They sell everything from food to pharmaceuticals, and baby products to floral goods.  They successfully employ a clean, safe and friendly shopping experience complimented with everyday low prices. Cash Wise has also strategically invested in recycling equipment, such as cardboard balers that generate additional revenue.

How Cash Wise Crushes Cardboard with a Vertical Baler

Because they thrive on efficiency and depend on it for their success, it is no surprise that the Cash Wise store in Hutchinson, MN, utilizes the M60CB vertical cardboard baler from Harmony Enterprises in its back room operations.  The M60CB is the standard of vertical balers in the industry, providing power and durability with a quiet operation that takes up a minimal amount of floor space. (But, that’s not all – keep reading to find out how the Harmony cardboard baler generates revenue for the store!)

Cash Wise receives its goods in a variety of cardboard boxes that come in many shapes and sizes.  Because of this, Cash Wise requires a vertical baler that has a wide enough door opening to handle the largest of cardboard.  They also require the efficiency of a vertical baler like the M60CB.  The M60CB creates mill-sized bales in a short cycle time with an incredible 56,550 lbs of ram force!  The unique strap-eject system allows for a safe, easy, and manageable way for their employees to eject the bale onto a palette for transport.  With their optional “bale full” light, the employees can easily discern when the bale is at its proper size so that no baling wire or truck space is wasted in the removal of the cardboard.

M60CB Cardboard Baler Generates Revenue

Not only does the M60CB baler help them save time, space, and money compacting their cardboard, the resulting mill-sized bale provides an additional revenue source for the company when it is recycled.  These 1,000 lb. mill-sized bales are easy to stack and readily accepted by recycling centers. A backroom employee claims, “Our old baler was really noisy and took up almost twice the floor space as this (Harmony) one.  We usually make three bales a day, so we need to be able to rely on it to get the job done.”

“Our old baler was really noisy and took up almost twice the floor space as this (Harmony) one.  We usually make three bales a day, so we need to be able to rely on it to get the job done.”

As Cash Wise continues to grow and evolve, they are confident that their M60CB cardboard baler from Harmony Enterprises will continue to be a reliable recycling solution for their business.  Coupled with an industry leading preventive maintenance plan, their baler is equipped to serve their need for efficiency long into the future.

Harmony Enterprises, Inc. makes balers, compactors, and beverage extraction equipment for waste and recycling. We also provide industry leading customer service, warranty options, and preventive maintenance plans as part of a total global solutions approach. We care about the environment and are always working toward making the earth a greener, more sustainable place for generations to come.

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