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A Word on Examination Technique

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Don’t forget about structure

Often neglected but almost as integral as the study and application of knowledge students need to be aware of the importance of effective examination technique. Put simply, I would recommend that learners spend some time practicing handwriting their answers using time management per question.

Exemplifying the problem, most practice revision exam question answers that have been published on SHEilds’ student forum are being answered without spaces in between sentences, while not enough attention is being payed to the action verb and layout of the question.

All students also need to be aware that there are only three hours per unit examination on the diploma programmes and only two for the certificate course.

Clarity is always an integral part of exam success; getting used to organising and structuring your answer correctly ensures that the NEBOSH examiners will be able to easily read your answers with the ability to award high marks for well-structured correct answers.

In summary, don’t risk losing the mark you deserve because of structure problems.

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