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A world of experience - As the world’s leading incinerator manufacturer we deliver to any location, any country, any continent


At Matthews Environmental Solutions we, quite rightly, enjoy an unrivalled global reputation for the standards of our incinerator manufacturer attributes.  Our unsurpassed experience and knowledge.  Our design innovation.  Our exceptional engineering standards.  Our world-renowned sales support and service.  However we must draw attention to another crucial expertise that is so often overlooked and unheralded and yet it has to be said is an absolutely vital aspect of our all-round capabilities.  Quite simply it is the quite incredible level of skills and expertise that we have available within our export and freighting department.  Without them we simply would not be able to ship our waste incineration plant, our pet cremation or our human cremation units to customers who are often based in remote locations that could be virtually anywhere in the world.

Our export orders could be anything from a smallish incinerator from our Surefire, TrashX or Allburn ranges, right up to the most gigantic, bespoke assembly that is destined for a major corporation or authority on the other side of the world.   But whatever it is and wherever it may be destined, our expert export team fully understands everything that is required, including the importance of efficient packing.  Whether the order is to be crated or containerised they know just how to ensure that it is fully prepared to endure all the rigours of the journey without suffering damage.
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They frequently have to call on the kind of specialist lifting equipment and transport that is required to transfer the order to the port of departure.  Just as important as the transport, they also understand all the legal complexities and can negotiate the web of regulations and provide all the vital paperwork that is involved in both UK and overseas customs clearing and border control to ensure that there are no unnecessary delays or disruptions to the journey.

Our team is familiar with shipping schedules around the world and on arrival at the port of destination they can, if required, arrange forward freighting directly to our customer’s site.  Wherever that may be and no matter how remote.

We have to say though that very often this part of the journey is organised by our local agent or sometimes by the customers themselves.

Depending on the size and complexity of the incinerator or cremator plant – the siting, installation and commissioning can either be handled by our agent or customer … or we are always willing to fly out one of our engineering teams to complete the installation and handover.
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As the leading incinerator manufacturer we pride ourselves on our ‘total service’ and so we feel that it is only fair to spotlight the invaluable, behind-the-scenes achievements of our export team.  Wherever in the world you may be located you know you can trust us to deliver all the quality and the service that has come to be expected from Matthews Environmental Solutions … the world’s leading incinerator manufacturer.

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