ECA (Environnement & Chimie Appliquée)

A zero discharge installation for Mondi Packaging


Courtesy of ECA (Environnement & Chimie Appliquée)

Answering the request of Mondi Savoie  (La Rochette), ECA (Environnement et Chimie Appliquée), worked-out a technico - economical survey on the several treatments, recycling and/or valorisation solutions for its flexo printing and starch glue effluents.

After this study, ECA defined and realized a zero discharge installation treating the water fluids.

Mondi Savoie, one of the French factories of Mondi Packaging, is specialized in the manufacture of corrugated paperboard and in flexo printing. The company wanted to treat its wastewater and to recycle it if possible. They decided to carry out a preliminary study with ECA, a French engineering company specialised in the treatment of fluids process and industrial effluents.

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