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Aberdeen Report - Environment, Health and Safety: Going Beyond Compliance


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The need to ensure compliance with Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) regulations and concern over the risk of adverse events is driving an increasing number of manufacturers to reevaluate their EHS program in order to achieve sustained compliance and retain their competitive advantage.

In its third annual study, Environment, Health and Safety: Going Beyond Compliance, Aberdeen provides a roadmap to an effective EHS initiative within an organization and shows how supporting technology solutions can help organizations get on track towards achieving and going beyond compliance. As one of the sponsors of this report, Intelex is pleased to offer this free download.

Key points discussed in the report include:

  • Pressures driving a focus on EHS and why organizations are increasingly turning to technology solutions.
  • Overcoming organizational resistance to implementing an EHS strategy and getting C-Level buy in.
  • Enabling visibility into critical EHS performance data and compliance mandates, demonstrating program ROI, and more.

This report also includes a number of impressive case studies on organizations that have implemented a tool to streamline and consolidate their environmental management system.

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