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ABS-181 Hydrogen Peroxide Enhancer

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Introduction The conventional sewer cleaning system can only bandaging the problems which cannot provide solution to prevent sewer line corrosion caused by toxic gases, organic constriction, deprived penetrating distance, generated large amount of hazardous organic and inorganic waste to increase environmental burden. The Objectives of the present invention is an aggressor method providing series of advantages to overcome the shortcoming of the conventional sewer cleaning technologies such as (jetting, balling, pigging, excavating and flushing methods) in term of:

• No gasoline/electricity/water gorging equipments
• No release of toxic gases, organic odor
• Prevent organic slimes, organic gas buildup and corrosion
• Breakdown the organic mass into fine fragment
• No excavation, water flushing or water jetting
• Precision and Highly Reproducible Results
• Penetrating Distance up to 20Km per application
• All Materials used are 100% Environmental benign and nontoxic

All ABS Treatment Formulations does not contain Hormone, Bacteria, Steroid, Antibiotic, Humic Acid to further threatening aquatic lives from fish, vegetation, soil, microbes, beneficial and non-beneficial bacteria population.

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