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ABS Innate Microbial Enhancer

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Anaerobic digestion facilities is recognized by the United Nations Development Program as one of the most useful decentralized sources of energy supply, as they are less capital intensive than large power-plants. The technical expertise required to maintain anaerobic digesters coupled with high equipment cost lower process efficiencies have so far limited the level of its industrial application as a waste treatment technology. Careful control of the digestion temperature and ph and loading rates is crucial to obtaining efficient breakdown of the material, and disturbances to a digest can lead to process failure. Ensuring that the quality of input materials to the digesters is maintained and that the process effectively monitored is essential for ensuring the digester's reliable performance.

Introduction of ABS-182 Innate Microbial Enhancer
ABS-182 Innate Microbial Enhancer is an innate nutrient supplements intend to stimulate the existing bacterial occurred in the wastewater treatment facilities. ABS-182 formulation does not contain Steroid, Humic Acid, Antibiotics, Hormones, Fabricated Bacteria and Enzymes, nevertheless it is an assortment of 12-appo-proteins, amino acids, herbal extracts, 8-essential micronutrients, marine fish oil extracts, sodium gluconate and chitosan proprietary blended with vegetative saponin. ABS-182 is designed to induce biological digestion and are not potentially hazardous as chemically based produces are t deemed to be.

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