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Absorbed dose using a nanoscale ion beam for Bragg peak calibrations

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The proton beam was investigated for cancer cell therapy in the pancreas. Neon ion interaction profiles were compared with the result of the proton beam, which was investigated for nanoscale ion beam interactions. Simulation for the Bragg peak calculation was performed for interactions with a human organ, the pancreas. The results show the absorbed dose and dose equivalent, which vary with the energy of ion beams. This work can give us the theoretical feasibility of constructing a heavy ion accelerator for practical purpose. Realistic treatment using human organs was calculated simply and cheaply using the computational code Stopping and Range of Ions in Matter 2008 (SRIM 2008). It is proposed to make a patient-oriented therapy, because the Bragg peak can kill the cancer cells with the minimised damage to the normal cells. Data are obtained safely, cheaply and successfully through simulation work.

Keywords: Bragg peak, pancreas, ion beams, nanoscale, radiation dose, therapy, cancer cell therapy, pancreatic cancer, low radiation, simulation, cancer treatment

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