Academic model credit program


Courtesy of SoilVision Systems Ltd.

SoilVision Systems Ltd. is dedicated to supporting education in academic institutions and creating partnerships with academics. If you are a supervising professor of graduate students, or if you conduct research requiring numerical modeling, you may be eligible to earn credits toward future product purchases with us.

We are looking to extend our library of 2D and 3D example models that we provide to customers. If you have an original model and are willing to have it distributed, SoilVision Systems will contribute a $250 credit* for each 2D model, or a $500 credit* for each 3D model, towards a future purchase of our software.

*Maximum credit eligible to apply to an individual order placed is 60% of the total order value.

Who is eligible?

  • You must be registered with or employed by an academic institution to apply for the credit.
  • If you are a student, the credit will be allocated to the supervising professor of the person creating the model.
  • If you are a professor, the credit will be allocated to you personally.
  • If you have partners in research with whom you wish to share your credits, you may transfer the credit to another professor within your university by sending us a written authorization granting approval to transfer the credit.

How do I sign up?

  • Fill out the Academic Model Credit Program form
  • Complete the write-up as shown in the example
  • E-mail us the completed documents and a copy of your SVM file.

We will contact you after receiving the information to clarify any questions and to finalize the documentation.

SoilVision Systems reserves the right to judge whether the model is an appropriate addition to our library of example models.

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