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Accelerate the construction of the modern logistics park of Fujian Strait Construction Machinery

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The Straits Construction Machinery Modern Logistics Park is a provincial-level key project. The project has a total land area of about 330mu. It is located beside Linsen Avenue in Minhou County, Fuzhou, and is only 5 minutes drive from the Xiangyin exit of Fuyin Expressway. The transportation is convenient. During the construction of the logistics park, the addition of Beibei mechanical demolition equipment accelerated the project's advancement.


The project is divided into two phases. The first phase covers an area of about 230 mu. It started in 2013 and was completed and put into use in 2015. There are several leading enterprises in construction machinery and heavy truck sales in Komatsu, Liugong and Xiagong. The land is about 100 mu. Construction started in December last year. In January this year, 25,000 square meters of factory buildings were built. Fuzhou News Network on August 18th, the second phase was fully put into use, and the development of the service industry in Minhou County added a new army.




Ye Yong, the mayor of Xiangqian Town, told reporters that the introduction of enterprises according to local conditions and the development of various types of economy is an important step for Xiangqian Town to broaden its development space, enhance its development potential and narrow the regional development gap.


To this end, Xiangqian Town gives full play to the grassroots cadres and spirits, and promotes project construction with 100% enthusiasm. In the land acquisition and demolition work, three project relocation and relocation headquarters were established, and the relevant relocation policies, public resettlement housing, public signing of the order, and the amount of compensation for each household were disclosed to the affected households in a timely manner to ensure the fairness of the relocation and resettlement work. Open, fair and fair; according to the actual situation of the relocated households, strengthen services, create convenient conditions for the masses, strive for the people's understanding and support for the relocation work, and ensure that the relocation and resettlement work is completed on time.

The rapid progress of the relocation and demolition work has won time for the construction and commissioning of the project.


The demolition work adopts the internationally advanced green environmental protection demolition process, and the dismantled waste concrete is processed on site into a new type of building materials, which can be directly used to ensure the safety, green, environmental protection, high efficiency and recyclability of the demolition project. The demolition construction party familiarized with the construction drawings and surveyed the construction site in advance, and mastered the structure of the building, the water and electricity equipment pipelines and the surrounding roads and buildings.


The green demolition project completely abandoned the engineering blasting, the removal of the gun head, and the demolition of the excavator. Instead, it is a high-tech means such as hydraulic crushing pliers, hydraulic olecranon shears, diamond saws, hydraulic knives, demolition robots, mobile crushers, etc., to achieve noise-free, dust-free green removal. In the scene, the 'dusty flying' scene that was common in the past building demolition was not seen. Before the demolition, the construction side uses the sprinkler to spray water and dust on the building body. When the hydraulic olecranon shears work, the fog gun can be used simultaneously to suppress dust and reduce air pollution.




Hydraulic shears are suitable for different operations, including the demolition of steel structures, the treatment of scrap steel, etc., which can cut iron materials, steel, cans, pipes, etc. The unique design and innovative way of hydraulic shears provide efficient operation and powerful cutting force, which exceeds the performance of ordinary shear by 15%.



Hydraulic pulverizers are the perfect secondary demolition equipment. All Hydraulic pulverizers use high quality steel for excellent wear resistance. The Hydraulic pulverizer is a more powerful tool in its class, using high quality and high performance cylinders to meet different working conditions. The hydraulic smashing tongs are strong, large and large, sturdy and durable, 360°flexible rotation, light and fast, and accelerate the advancement of this demolition work.