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Acceptance Specification and Design of Dust Free Workshop

Courtesy of Wonzone Construction (Suzhou) Co., Ltd

1. Reasonable layout of process flow and building plane;

2. Choose building structures and materials that meet the characteristics of dust-free workshop;

3.Dust-free workshop design should select reliable and economical cold and heat sources according to the local energy supply background at that time.

4. Divide and arrange air-conditioning purification and exhaust systems;

5. Choose reasonable air purification and ventilation equipment;

6. All kinds of pipes, automatic fire extinguishing devices and air purification equipment should be installed correctly, firmly and tightly.

7. Connections between high, medium and primary effect filters and supporting frames and between air ducts and equipment should be sealed reliably.

8. All kinds of regulating devices should be strict, flexible and easy to operate.

9. All kinds of air purification equipment, static pressure box and ventilation system should be cleaned to ensure dust-free.

10. The interior wall, ceiling surface and floor of dust-free workshop should be smooth, flat, uniform in color, dust-free, floor static electricity, etc.

11. When feeding, return air outlet and various terminal devices, pipes, lighting and power line pipes pass through the dust-free workshop, the sealing treatment at the crossing place should be strict and reliable.

12. All kinds of brushing and insulation works in dust-free workshop should comply with relevant regulations.

13. Design documents, design change instructions, relevant agreements and completion drawings;

14. Certificates or inspection documents for major materials, equipment and regulating devices, automatic control systems, etc.

15. Quality inspection and evaluation forms for various projects;

16. Start-up and completion reports, closed records of civil covert engineering systems and pipeline covert engineering systems, open-box inspection records of equipment, pipeline pressure test records, pipeline blowing and washing records, air duct leak detection records, intermediate acceptance sheets and completion acceptance sheets;

17. Recording of performance indicators of various cleanroom glass panel in dust-free workshop; The design, construction, installation and maintenance of dust-free workshop must be carried out in accordance with ISO 14644 standards and specifications. It must be dust-free, aseptic, energy-saving, fire prevention and safety.

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