Accurate management of waste water flow case study


Courtesy of Solid Applied Technologies Ltd. (SolidAT)

SmartScan 50O provides an accurate ultrasonic solution for flow measurement of waste water in a nation-wide advanced treatment plant.

This wastewater treatment plant is located just outside a pop. 1 Million City. The plant provides wastewater treatment services for the municipality since 1999. The plant utilizes the latest technology of wastewater treatment that enables purification of 100,000m³ of wastewater per day.

The problems

The plant conveys purified water to the municipality. Since the municipality pays for each cubic meter of water transferred from the plant, the accuracy of the water flow measurement is highly significant. The treatment plant sought a solution for measurement of the wastewater flow, in one of the open channels handling the water conveyed from the clarifiers.

The plant engineers encountered some problems when trying to obtain accurate measurement results in the open channel located in the treatment area. The first one results from the very turbulent nature of the flow inside the channel that causes a massive change in the level of the water stream. In addition, a large amount of foam created above the water surface, caused by the waste in the water. Finally, since the plant is located on a mountain there are major temperature differences between day and night that may affect the measurement readings.

The solution

SmartScan50 O non-contact, ultrasonic unit was installed approximately 1.4m (4.6ft) above a 7' (2.13m) wide Parshall Flume. This type of flume is not standard and therefore requires a customized configuration. SmartScan50 O enables customization of non-standard flumes in addition to nine predefined flumes and weirs already stored in its memory. Moreover, SmartScan50 O ability to display flow measurement results on its screen with a remarkable resolution enables the plant engineers to obtain accurate and concurrent data of the amount of water passing through the channel. By offering rapid updates of the changing water level SmartScan50 O is designed specifically to handle the turbulent water streaming in the channel. Its sophisticated algorithm enables the SmartScan50 to penetrate up to 5cm (2in) of the foam layer created on the water surface without difficulty. Finally, SmartScan50 compensates for the crucial temperature difference between day and night by utilizing its temperature compensation mechanism, thus providing reliable measurement results continuously.


By installing SmartScan50 O the wastewater treatment plant can now provide accurate flow measurement which enables the municipality to view the exact amount of purified water conveyed to them. SmartScan50 O offers fast set-up and short installation time. In addition to flow, SmartScan 50 O provides totalization measurement results, connectivity to 4-20mA current output and RS-232 digital connection.

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