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Achieving sustainability through product-service life cycle management


As present trends in economic and population growth continue, the natural environment is increasingly being stressed. Serious adverse impacts on the environment and human health from waste of electrical and electronic products have occurred in the past and continue to occur today. More and more researchers, institutes and programmes paid attention to Product Service Systems (PSS) in the last decade because PSS integrates tangible artefact and intangible service to achieve sustainability, improve enterprise competitiveness and meet customer needs better. In order to respond to the industrial trend towards PSS and achieve sustainability, this paper reviews the research on PSS and sustainability briefly and proposes a framework for Product-Service Life cycle Management (PSLM) which is a holistic approach to identify opportunities to reduce cost and environmental impact. A preliminary solution for implementation strategy and service transition of PSLM is also proposed to lay a basis for further development and application of PSS for the benefit of sustainability. In the end, the sustainable impacts of PSLM are analysed and discussed.

Keywords: product service systems, sustainability, PSS development, product-service lifecycle management, sustainable development, cost reduction, environmental impact, products, services

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