ACOEM: 01dBWebMonitoring, real-time monitoring of environmental noise


Courtesy of ACOEM

01dBWebMonitoring, a field-proven solution for noise monitoring!

Local authorities, airports, road and railway transports, industries…: many professionals have to control environmental noise pollution using short or long-term measurements. With a special attention to such needs, 01dB-Metravib has designed a performing monitoring offer based on short or long-term measurements, suited to all requirements and fully accessible through the internet: 01dBWebMonitoring.

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01dBWebMonitoring offer consists of supplying a complete noise and vibration monitoring system, the related installation and technical maintenance, the provisioning of measurement data and the consultation of all relevant information through a customised private-access Web site.

01dBWebMonitoring is an innovative solution that allows getting round many technical problems relative to data transfer. It also significantly reduces financial costs due to, e.g., the implementation and administration of a data server or of a dedicated phone line…

01dBWebMonitoring is a field-proven, reliable and metrological solution. Decision makers keep full visibility of the finance aspects with a valuable flexibility over time.

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