ACOEM: DUO introduces the “Smart Noise Monitor

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A new generation of Environmental noise measuring instruments, devoted to:

  • Classical hand-held sound level meter measurements, using the built-in keyboard and screen or a wireless remote control (Wi-Fi, 3G),
  • Short, medium or long-term stand-alone measurements, the operator having full remote control of the instrument.

The “Smart Noise Monitor” DUO is particularly well suited for the assessment of sound levels generated by ground and air transports, sports and leisure activities, building sites... and even neighbourhood and/or quiet area noise situations.

With its specifications defined based on the user’s requirements, DUO has been developed to provide an optimum answer to the needs relative to noise measurements.

DUO, Two in One, Sound level meter and Monitoring station

Imagine measurement campaigns where:

  • The deployment of the instruments is easy and error-free
  • Analysis results are available at any time and from anywhere.

Imagine full control over your measurement points, from near or far:

  • Configuration
  • Stored data
  • Real-time visual display
  • Location
  • Synchronisation

Now, stop dreaming and discover the “Smart Noise Monitor” DUO

DUO, Everywhere at once

  • Multi-communicating

DUO includes a Wi-Fi module for short distance use and a 3G modem to access the instrument from anywhere in the world. Equipped with today’s best communication technology, DUO offers guaranteed control of the measurements.

  • Multi one-channel

Duo opens up new diagnosis capabilities: it is now possible, for instance, to analyse precisely and simultaneously noise pollution and disturbing sources in multiple positions.

Its accurate synchronisation of the time and GPS positioning of the measurements allows using several DUO at the same time.

  • Web navigation

DUO is accessible through a very comprehensive Web page, dBDUO, which allows setting up, checking, interrogating and testing all your DUO instruments. Sound levels are available in real time wherever you are and with no software application required.

DUO, Unrivalled technical performances

DUO presents many assets:

  • Built-in 3G modem

DUO’s 3G connection allows for remote access to measurements in progress and retrieval of stored data with no physical presence of the operator required on the field.

  • Access to stored data

DUO allows for direct connection of the user to select the data to be downloaded remotely.

  • All-weather design

Based on its all-weather design, DUO is intended for both indoor and outdoor noise monitoring. Collaboration with our partner G.R.A.S. resulted in the development of an all-weather microphone.

  • Operating lifetime and memory

Its operating life allows for several days of measurements in the absence of external power supply: more than 3 days of operations with continuous acquisition of time and spectral history, 20% audio recording, remote querries through WiFi or 3G sporadically. Periodic and automatic control of the operating of the entire instrument and suitable memory capacity give a new dimension to your measurement campaigns.

  • Built-in GPS

Stored data are synchronised and georeferenced.

  • Self automatic control

DUO includes a unique stand-alone periodic self control of the complete measurement chain allowing reassuring the user about the relevance of the remotely controlled measurements.

  • Processing of complaints

DUO is compliant with class 1 sound level meters according to Standard IEC 61672. The type examination is currently under progress at the French National Testing Laboratory (LNE). The DUO user has then a full mastery of the measurement uncertainties resulting in undisputable test reports.

  • Optimised emergence analysis

Multi-point use allows for the optimum analysis of emergences through the simultaneous use of a DUO as a measurement point and one or several DUO as coding points, based on the GPS time synchronisation.

  • No option

The user does not have to worry about activating (or not) a particular option.
Everything is included: unlimitted storage – the only limit being the size of the memory card – frequency analysis, audio recording, 3G modem, Wi-Fi connection, GPS, remote dBDUO interface…

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