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Acoustic Glossary - a guide to noise measurement terms


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Acoustic Glossary – A Guide to Common Noise Measurement Terms Are you bamboozled by Bels, confused by Calibration, or left-wanting by Weightings? Let our industry guide to acoustic terms and definitions help you.

We have compiled a guide to some of the most common noise measurement terms to help you understand how and why we measure noise. In our guide, we’ve listed the acoustic terms alphabetically with a short explanation for each and with a link to sections or products on our website if relevant.  Just click on the letter you want below.

If you’re looking for further help understanding acoustic terms or on how to measure noise, why not join us on one of our popular noise awareness training courses. Our One Day Noise Awareness Course (now in its 11th year) focuses on the key facts and gives delegates from any background an understanding of the issues relating to the legislation, measurement and control of noise in their workplace. The course is perfect for people who are new to carrying out noise assessments, as well as for health and safety professionals who might need a bit of a ‘refresher’.

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