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Acoustic Simulation - Case Study


Ingeniería Acústica García-Calderón is a consultancy dedicated to the measurement, simulation, prediction and elaboration of proposals for corrective measures to evaluate and / or minimize noise and vibrations in the environment.

The acoustic studies are carried out to determine the existence and degree of noise pollution that will affect people and the environment in the environment of the works in execution (infrastructure, buildings or industries), due to the existence of sound sources. In addition, areas of acoustic sensitivity can be delimited to regulate them in different sectors depending on the use and noise levels appropriate to the activities developed in them, establishing the limit values and the target values. In order to comply with the limit values established by current legislation, the need to apply corrective measures that guarantee adequate noise levels is estimated.

IAG has specialists in acoustics with more than 25 years of experience in the sector and has conducted numerous environmental impact studies for noise and vibration, for preoperational acoustic analysis and post-operational analysis of transport infrastructure projects and various industries . Subsequently evaluates the need to apply corrective measures (acoustic screens, anti-vibration systems or any other type of measures).

Ingeniería Acústica García-Calderón has the most advanced tools for measurement, simulation and analysis, offering a quality service, based on the current legislation and the most recent UNE EN ISO standards.

Using a suitable acoustic prediction software, you can conduct acoustic studies of cities, industrial estates, residential areas, sports enclaves, etc. to propose corrective measures that improve the environment and, therefore, the quality of life of citizens.

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