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Acrylic wastewater treatment using SBR technology with aerobic granules

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The acrylic or acrylonitrile wastewater treatment were investigated in experimental SBR systems with aerobic granules. The results showed that the diluted acrylic wastewater 400-800 mgL
could finally reach a COD removal 71.5-77.5% and a net COD removal 50.5-59.6%. The growth of aerobic granules in reactor was quite slow and retained MLSS 4.6-6.2 gL
. The pretreatment by internal electrolysis was an effective way to remove cyanides and enhance the biodegradability of the wastewater. This combined SBR system achieved an approximately 70% COD removal. The post treatment by ozonation process was necessary to degrade the wastewater less than COD 130-143 mgL

Keywords: acrylic wastewater, aerobic granules, SBR, sequencing batch reactors, internal electrolysis, wastewater treatment, cyanides, biodegradability

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