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Actio updates MSDS Vault materials management system, to lower regulatory risks for manufacturers

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Vault helps companies manage Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) compliance and mitigate regulatory risks. Actio materials information management software includes enhanced user interface, direct integration with Actio supply chain communication tools and supplier data collection modules, automated revision management, screening materials against hundreds of global regulation lists, and snap-on connector utilities for ERPs, PLMs, and portals.

Actio Corp., provider of software as a service (SaaS) solutions for environmental compliance through supply chain materials information management, updated Actio MSDS Vault software. Vault helps companies manage Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) compliance and mitigate risks inherent to manufacturing in today's climate of regulatory issues, consumer interest, and the employee's 'right to know,' Actio said.

For more than a decade, MSDS Vault has helped over 250 customers at some of the world's largest companies improve and profit from materials management and EHS compliance, Actio said. The software helps manufacturers author, centralize, analyze and report on their materials safety data libraries.

The software is designed to provide a 'best practices' approach to help assure the well-being of employees and customers, and makes data management more efficient.

The latest version of MSDS Vault allows manufacturers to better manage changes in regulations (such as the upcoming GHS (globally harmonized system for labelling chemicals) standards. The latest MSDS Vault also reduces handling costs by automating processes, providing enterprise-wide transparency of the chemical footprint, and letting companies take control of product stewardship, eco-PLM (product lifecycle managment), and the reporting associated with these initiatives.

Actio MSDS Vault features include:

  • an updated interface single sign-on into Vault effective across entire Actio product suite
  • enhanced rules engine for distributing finished-product (M)SDSs to customers
  • updated supplier data-collection (via Material Disclosure and REACHtracker)
  • more robust materials and ingredient-screening against all global, local and custom Regulation lists
  • enhanced grid and table reporting functionality
  • readiness for quick-conversion to GHS formats
  • fluency in over 14 languages for fast-tracked global-time-to-market
  • snap-on utility to ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics
  • snap-on utility to PLM technology for enhanced product lifecycle data management, cradle-to-cradle
  • snap-on utility to portals such as Microsoft Sharepoint
  • one central database for secure storage of all collected data, with co-location backup (SAS-70 cert)

'MSDS Vault provides round-the-clock accessibility to accurate, consistent product environmental, health, and safety information down to the substance level across an enterprise,' said Russell McCann, President and CEO of Actio.

The software helps manufacturers meet health, safety and environmental requirements in compliance with international, federal, state and local regulations, McCann said.

Actio said its solutions help companies toward 'corporate social responsibility through innovative, collaborative, rational chemical handling, managing supply chain substance data, and streamlining material disclosure processes towards Six Sigma initiatives, mitigating risk and attaining corporate sustainability objectives.' Actio is part of the Microsoft Partner Network and is SAS 70 certified.

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