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Active Mixing in a 4MG Pre-Cast Concrete GST - Case study


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Eliminate Stratification and improve overall water quality.
Topics: tank mixing, chloramine, nitrification, stratification, taste, odor, inconsistent disinfectant residuals

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System Overview:
This municipality purchases 1.5 MGD from an outside source.

Disinfectant Type: Chloramine

Tank / Reservoir Build Information:

  • Volume: 4 million gallons
  • Construction: Pre-cast concrete
  • Type: Cylindrical GST (Ground Storage Tank)
  • Inlet / Outlet: Common
  • Height: 26 feet
  • Diameter: 163 feet

Pre-Deployment Conditions: Summertime thermal stratification and inconsistent disinfectant residuals leading to nitrification and taste / odor events.

Project Objectives: Complete tank mixing to alleviate thermal stratification, create consistent top to bottom disinfectant residual, mitigate nitrification.

Solution: One (1) SolarBee® SB Series Small Frame Potable Tank Mixer (2006).

Results: This tank experienced significant improvements in chlorine residual immediately after mixer deployment. Thermal stratification has been alleviated and disinfectant residuals are now consistent throughout the tank water column. Nitrification is no longer an issue. The community credits the addition of the SolarBee® as one of the best investments their utility has ever made (based on affordability, pre & post sale services, near zero maintenance, and self-sustainability).

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