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Actively aerated methanobiofilters to control methane emissions from landfills


Methane (CH4) capture at sanitary landfills for energy recovery is capable of reducing the impact of CH4 on the global atmospheric carbon budget. However, gas capture may only be viable where gas quantities are high enough to warrant economical energy production. Considering the potential global warming impacts, there is a need to identify alternative methods to control landfill CH4 emissions to the atmosphere. This paper is focused on providing an assessment of the viability of using actively aerated biofilters as an alternative technique to control methane emissions from sanitary landfills. The research confirmed a high CH4 oxidation rate of 705 g/m²/d with actively aerated biofilter columns. This value is 200–300% more than the rates reported for passively aerated biofilters.

Keywords: landfills, methane oxidation, landfill gas, climate change, greenhouse gases, aerated methanobiofilters, aerated biofilters, methane emissions, emission control

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