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Adaptive Kinetic Antenna


Abstract - The paper describes a method of kinetic antenna development that can be adapted to environmental conditions. The kinetic antenna is a variety of integrated into impulse generator active antenna that is used for kinetic energy accumulation. Such antennas are attractive for ground penetrating radars owing to its possibility to change radiation spectrum in according with ground properties. The adaptive kinetic antenna design has examined experimentally. It is shown that radiation spectrum can be change considerably for invariable antenna geometry.

Keywords - Impulse antenna, Kinetic antenna, Adaptive antenna, Ground Penetrating Radar, GPR, Adaptive GPR.

Adaptive antenna lias ability to change his radiation features. Problem of the adaptive antenna realization is connected with presence dependence between antenna's geometrical dimensions and radiated spectrum. That is to change radiated spectrum the antenna's length should be changed. It can be made by placement electronically controlled switcher to gaps of the antenna's amis [1]. Unfortunately this way is considerably difficult in realization and has limitation of radiated power.

We propose to change radiated spectrum by tuning of pulse generator parameters. It is possible to realize if the antenna is a part of the generator. Here we describe adaptive antenna concept based on kinetic energy accumulated structures.

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