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Adaptive PC-based backstepping position control of induction motor

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An adaptive position tracking control scheme for induction motors is proposed subject to unknown load torque via adaptive backstepping design. An observer derived from the dynamical model is also given to provide the information of rotor flux angle which decides the proportion of input voltage in d-q frame. Besides, the controller is developed under a special non-linear coordinate transform such that position control objective can be fulfilled with backstepping approach. The underlying design concept is to endow the closed-loop system while lacking the knowledge of some mechanical system parameters, such as the motor inertia motor damping coefficient, and the unknown payload. The proposed control scheme comes along with a thorough proof based on Lyapunov stability theory. PC-based experimental results are also given to validate the effectiveness of the proposed control scheme.

Keywords: induction motors, nonlinear systems, Lyapunov stability, motion control, backstepping position control, tracking control, adaptive control, dynamic modelling, rotor flux angle

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