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Adding Quality to City Life


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The Special Service District's impact shines throughout downtown. Within the district's 760 acres, Tampa's Downtown Clean Team Beautifies the streets, while the softer side of security, Tampa's Downtown Guides, patrol by foot and bike.

The six Clean Team members collect more than two tons of trash and other debris every day. In 2004, they kept 720 tons of garbage off the city streets.

Tampa's eight Downtown Guides made 35,133 contracts, 728 assists and helped hundreds more people through the very popular stranded motorist program. The Guides Bike Patrol keeps watch on downtown's perimeter and has logged 868 hours since the program's inception April 2004. These observant goodwill ambassadors communicate regularly with TECO, the police and shop owners to keep information moving - whether it is about an extinguished light or an errant bad guy.

Since the district's inception in 1994, its leaders have focused on maintaining downtown as a clean, safe and inviting place for residents, workers and visitors alike to live, work and play. The visible Clean Team and Downtown Guides help make that happen.
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What may not be as obvious is the communication and behind-the-scenes effort that makes downtown what it is. From security issues to marketing brochures, the Special Services District weaves together downtown's many needs and creates a better, more organized and responsive community.

In the spring, jazz fills the air as the Gasparilla NoonTime Concert Series gets underway. Every Tuesday, for six weeks, downtown workers gather in Lykes Gaslight Square to listen to the cool sound of R&B, jazz and Latin music.

Have you heard about the latest road closing due to construction? Thank the Transportation Management Organization, led by Karen Kress, director of transportation, whose e-mail communications keep the city networked on the latest traffic challenges.

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