Adding value through washing


Courtesy of CDEnviro

A new CDE washing plant installed at Seamus Ryan Sand & Gravel in County Tipperary has increased the value of the final products by 50% since installation.

The quarry is located outside Toomyvara – a small village on the N7 between Roscrea and Nenagh – and has been in operation since 1999. Up until the recent installation of the CDE plant, the company was dry screening all 25mm down material at the site. The decision to introduce the washing plant came after several discussions with CDE about the added value that a CDE washing plant could bring.

“After sticking with the dry screening for some considerable time, we were just not happy with the final price we were able to get for the products we were selling” explains Seamus. “We were just not achieving clean products and we were not able to remove all the excess fines. Both of these factors combined were reducing the sell price of our products significantly.”

CDE’s considerable experience working with difficult materials and successfully adding value was key to their selection as the supplier for Seamus Ryan’s new washing plant. The product output from this site was being sold by the company for further processing in order to maximise its commercial value. This was margin that Seamus Ryan was missing out on.

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