Admirable frankness garnished with analogy and metaphor

For the last two years, the Chinese scrap industry has been anticipating the release of several pieces of landmark legislation that will not only regulate the industry, but potentially expand it. Of these, none is more important that the Recycling Economy law that has been rumoured and explored since the advent of China’s current Five Year Plan.  Thus, when 550 delegates (140 of whom were foreigners) convened for the 2007 China International Recycling Conference, many expected to learn details of the upcoming legislation.  Alas, the conference sponsored by the China National Resources Recycling Association (CRRA) was strong on generalities and stingy on specifics.  But that was to be expected; the recent proliferation of Chinese recycling conferences has so diluted the pool of available information on the domestic recycling trade that presentations are being recycled.  At least two presentations at the CRRA conference were repeat performances from other conferences held over the last year.

Nevertheless, due to the presence of several highranking government officials, an unusual degree of candour was heard from the podium, and patient listeners were rewarded with a detailed portrait of how the Chinese government interacts with, and regulates, the sprawling Chinese recycling industry.

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