Cambridge Environmental Research Consultants (CERC)

ADMS 5 Buildings & Complex Terrain Validation Martins Creek Steam Electric Station

1 Introduction

The Martins Creek Steam Electric Station1 [1] is located in a rural area along the Delaware River on the Pennsylvania/New Jersey border, approximately 30 km north-east of Allentown, PA and 95 km north of Philadelphia, PA.

The area can be characterised by complex terrain rising above the stacks. Sources included multiple tall stacks ranging from 122 to 183 m in height. The seven SO2 monitors were located on Scotts Mountain which is about 2.5-8 km south-east of the Martins Creek facility.

On-site meteorological data covered the period from 1 May 1992 through 19 May 1993. Hourly temperature, wind speed and wind direction at 10111 were recorded from an instrumented tower located in a flat area approximately 2.5 km west of the plant. In addition-hourly multi-level wind measurements were taken by a SODAR located approximately 3 km south-west of the Martins Creek station.