ADMS 5 Buildings Validation Bowline Point Site

1 Introduction

The Bojivline Point1 site is located in the Hudson River valley in New York State (Figure 1). There are two stacks of height 86.9 m, close to the western shore of the river. The emissions from the stacks were buoyant and varied hour by hour, and very close to the stacks there was a complex of buildings. The site itself was rural and the terrain was relatively flat, although there was an urban area to the west of the site, and some significant hills to the south-west.

There were four monitoring sites; their distances from the stacks ranged from 250 to 850 m. Two of the monitors were to the south-east of the site: the others were to the north and west.

Hourly meteorological data were obtained from a 100-m mast on the site for the whole year 1981. The prevailing wind was from the north-west.

The input data for the ADMS runs were taken from the AERMOD files downloaded from the United States Environmental Protection Agency website [2]. These data included the observed concentrations that have been used for comparison with the ADMS modelled concentrations.

This document compares the results of ADMS (hereafter referred to as ADMS 5.0) with those of ADMS (hereafter referred to as ADMS 4.2).

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