ADMS 5 Buildings Validation Robins and Castro Wind Tunnel Experiments

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1 Introduction

Experiments were conducted in a simulated boundary layer representative of a suburban, or slightly rougher, environment in neutral stability conditions at a model scale of 1/300 of full scale. Concentrations were measured close to a cube-shaped building for emissions above the centre of the building roof. Release heights varying from one to two-and-a-half times the building height were considered for a range of emission velocities. The building was modelled perpendicular to the wind and at 45° to the wind.

Model runs for comparison with the experimental data have been carried out using ADMS 4.2 (version, ADMS 5.0 (version, and ISC-Prime (version 3). ISC-Prime contains the same buildings model that is in the AERMOD model which is why it is included here.

Section 2 describes the input data used for the model. The results are presented and discussed in Section 3.

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