Cambridge Environmental Research Consultants (CERC)

ADMS 5 Buildings Validation Warehouse Fires Wind Tunnel Experiments

1 Introduction

In 1996. results from the CERC Atmospheric Dispersion Model. ADMS 2 were validated against experimental wind tunnel data of dispersion from chemical warehouse fires [1]. The original experimental data used to validate the model were presented in a Building Research Establishment Client Report [2]. Here, results from ADMS 5.0 (version are validated against these experimental data, and corresponding ADMS 4.2 (version are also presented.

Section 2 describes the experimental set up used in the wind tunnel experiments. Section 3 describes the exact input used for the ADMS 4.1. ADMS 4.2 and ISC-Prime runs. The results are presented in Section 4 and a summary of the results is given in Section 5.

2 Experimental set up

For full details of the experimental set up used, please refer to the BRE Client Report [2]. The experiments were carried out at model scale, which was taken to be 1/150 of a full scale sized warehouse. Two warehouse dimensions were used for comparison purposes: a large and a small warehouse. Figure 1 shows the building shapes used.