ADMS 5 Complex Terrain Validation Clifty Creek Power Plant

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1 Introduction

The Cliffy Creek power plant1 is located in southern Indiana on the north side of the Ohio River (see Figure 1). The area immediately north of the facility is characterized by cliffs rising about 115 m above the river and intersected by creek valleys. The tops of the stacks extend about 80 to 100 m above the top of the cliffs on both sides of the river. Three 208-m stacks meters were modeled in this evaluation.

There were six SO2 monitors on the surrounding terrain. One was located in the river valley approximately 8 km to the east (upriver) at about the same elevation as the sources. Another was located 3 km south of the facility on Liberty Ridge near the meteorological tower on the south side of the Ohio River and about 110 111 above stack base. The remaining four monitors were located on the terrain north and north-east of the facility at about 125 m above the base of the stacks, ranging in distance from four to 15 km.

Meteorological data from this field study covered 1 January 1975 through to 31 December 1975. The on-site meteorological data were recorded on an instrumented meteorological tower 3 km south of the facility (across the river in Kentucky) on Liberty' Ridge.

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