ADMS 5 Complex Terrain Validation Lovett Power Plant

1 Introduction

The Mirant Lovett1 power plant is located in Tompkins Cove, on the Hudson river in the state of New York, about 30 miles upstream of New York city. Terrain elevations vary significantly over the study area, with altitudes in the river valley close to zero and maximum altitudes close to the receptors of approximately 270 m - see Figures 1 and 2.

On-site meteorological data included wind speeds, temperatures and turbulence data a heights of 10. 50 and 100 m.

A long term SO2 sampling experiment was undertaken during the whole year 1988. The buoyant, continuous SO2 source was released from a 145-m stack.

Data were collected from 12 monitoring sites located 2 to 3 km from the plant. Hourly, 3 -hour, 24-hour and annual average concentrations are available from 9 of them only.

The input data for the ADMS runs were taken from the AERMOD files downloaded from  the  United  States  Environmental Protection Agency website [3]. These data includes the observed concentrations that are used for comparison with the ADMS modelled concentrations.

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