ADMS 5 Complex Terrain Validation Westvaco Corporation

1 Introduction

The Westvaco Corporation's pulp and paper mill1 in rural Luke. Maryland is located in a complex terrain setting in the Potomac River valley [2]. A single 190-in buoyant source was modelled for this evaluation. There were 11 SO2 monitors surrounding the facility, with eight monitors well above stack top on the high terrain east and south of the mill at a distance of 800-1500 m (Figure 1).

Hourly meteorological data (wind, temperature, and turbulence) were collected between December 1980 and November 1981 at three instrumented towers: the 100-m Beryl tower in the river valley about 400 in southwest of the facility, the 30-m Luke Hill tower on a 18 ridge 900 111 north-northwest of the facility, and the 100-m Met tower located 900 m east-south-east of the facility on a ridge across the river.

The input data for the ADMS runs were taken from the AERMOD files downloaded from the United States Environmental Protection Agency website [3]. These data included the observed concentrations that have been used for comparison with the ADMS modelled concentrations.

This document compares the results of ADMS (hereafter referred to as ADMS 5.0) with those of ADMS (hereafter referred to as ADMS 4.2).

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