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ADMS and ADMS-Urban


ADMS and ADMS-Urban are new generation air quality models that are easy to use and attractively presented. They run on a PC under Windows and are suitable for modelling of industrial and urban dispersion problems for comparison with limits, planning, and 'what if' scenarios. Each model can be linked to a GIS (geographical information system) for simple entry of sources and clear presentation of results. ADMS-Urban can access emissions inventory databases directly. The models are based on up-to-date physics and have been the subject of extensive validation studies. ADMS was developed by CERC and the UK Meteorological Office. Sponsors of the model include UK government agencies. ADMS has been sold inside and outside the UK and is being used by a variety of industries and users: government agencies, power generation companies, light and heavy industry, consultants and academic institutions to calculate air dispersion and determine air quality.

Keywords: ADMS, ADMS-, Urban, GIS interface, geographic information systems, air quality models, air dispersion models, urban dispersion modelling, air pollution, environmental pollution

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