ADO GL luxury coaches Mexico City, Mexico - Case Study


Courtesy of Dynamic Air Quality Solutions

Key Parameters

  • Market Segment - Transportation
  • Function - Luxury Coach Service
  • Project Timeline - 2000 to present

Challenge: Superior indoor air quality. ADO GL began in 1992 providing high-end coach service between Mexico City and Veracruz with a fleet of buses that were fitted for passenger comfort. Since then the company has grown steadily, in part by taking steps to ensure that the ADO GL brand remains synonymous with high performance and comfortable, specialized luxury service.

Today, serving over fifty destinations throughout the entire southeastern part of Mexico, the company enjoys the reputation as the premier provider of service to the Gulf coast. New Volvo buses feature a large portion of seats with extra leg room and space between seats, men’s and ladies restrooms, a self-service beverage galley, flat screen TVs showing new release movies, and superior indoor air quality provided by state-of-the-art Dynamic Air Cleaners.

Solution: Each bus uses two custom-sized one-inch polarized media electronic air cleaners. They fit into compartments above the ceiling and are optimized for running on 12V power.

Results: According to Ing. Eric Hernandez Desentis, whose company ERICH Soluciones de Comfort represents Dynamic Air Quality Solutions in Mexico, “ADO GL has used superior air quality to differentiate the company from its competition. They have successfully positioned themselves as the company with the best features and highest quality.”