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Adroit Technologies does it again with cutting-edge technology and value for money solutions

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Adroit Technologies announces the release of its next-generation product versions across its globally supplied software lines delivering increased performance and enhanced security, resulting in reduced costs.

With four new software product versions and the Mitsubishi Factory Automation’s range of hardware products, Adroit can deliver complete automation solutions that can be trusted, and are reliable and versatile.

It has been one year since Mitsubishi Electric Europe BV acquired a 14.9% share in Adroit Technologies.  The Mitsubishi Adroit partnership has grown and blossomed into a perfect fit, offering sub-Saharan Africa a full and unique automation solution.

The four new product versions being released is the Adroit 8.0 Smart SCADA, SCADA Intelligence 3.0, MAPS 3.0 and Adroit Report Suite that incorporates a new version of the Alarm Management software.

Dave Wibberley, managing director of Adroit Technologies says, “Our strapline last year was “The perfect fit …” referring to the relationship with Mitsubishi Electric.  The simultaneous launch of Adroit 8.0, MAPS 3.0 and Adroit SCADA Intelligence 3.0 is the culmination of three years of development work.  I stick to my previous statements that there is nothing you cannot achieve with the combination of our product set.  From a small HMI to a large scale integrated project including VSDs, PLCs, SCADA and MIS we are ready to work with our customers’ biggest challenges.  Great products, great people … 2013 is going to be another great year for Adroit Technologies and our very loyal and valued customers.”

The Adroit 8.0 “Smart SCADA” is an innovative 64-bit version of the Adroit SCADA software.  It is built on the latest Microsoft platform, making it more flexible, simpler, smarter and faster which results in increased performance and reduced costs.  Adroit 8.0 builds on the existing Server technology and .Net based Smart User Interface that has proven extremely popular with local and international customers.  The Designer application is based on the latest Microsoft technologies and sports a modern menu control bar, rich in design shortcuts and other tools.  The Designer and Operator interfaces can now be accessed via an internet browser.

The 64-bit Adroit SCADA system is designed for process control, manufacturing systems and any open automation applications requiring an open, advanced, feature rich solution.  It is developed on the .NET platform and is compatible with the latest Microsoft 8 operating systems.  Adroit 8.0 has a flexible object-oriented client-server architecture that supports any system from a stand-alone implementation to an installation spanning multiple distributed sites making it ideal for small or extremely large applications.

Adroit 8.0 is built on a client-server architecture where the Agent Server (I/O Server) which communicates with field devices such as PLCs, RTUs and OPC Servers and performs the Server function of scanning, logging, alarming and value processing.  The Client side (Smart UI Designer and Smart UI Operator) provides the capacity of configuring, designing, displaying and manipulating the values in a rich user interface.

Some new additions and modifications in the Agent Server (I/O Server) application again set’s Adroit up as the leader in PC based SCADA/HMI markets.

Key features are:

·         Web enabled interface

·         One-click wizard updates

·         Easier template design

·         Advanced logging options

·         New and enhanced graphics libraries

·         Real-time design hints and tips

·         Navigation templates

·         Classic Adroit project upgrades

·         3rd party xaml graphics can now be imported for advanced graphical requirements such as 3D

·         Enhanced project security

·         Process performance agents (OEE/KPI)

·         One central system configuration control

·         New Excel based Bulk Import Tool

The Mitsubishi Adroit Process Suite (MAPS) 3.0 is a life-cycle software tool that offers value along the entire value chain.  It addresses the shortcomings of most PLC SCADA integration tools in that it offers value to the engineering and integration phases. It also extends the integrity of the “as delivered” solution and offers customers the ability to handle the normal extensions and maintenance of any automation solution.

The Microsoft .Net framework is the backbone of the MAPS software architecture and is built using the Adroit Smart Client technology offering secure web enabled user interfaces.  Mitsubishi GX Works 2 is used as the PLC programming tool with DesSoft applications to generate plant design documentation including I/O schedules for the PLC and SCADA.

Key features are:

·         Create PLC projects for GX Works 2

·         New gauges toolbox

·         Enhanced element browser

·         Improved custom template design wizard

·         Enhances security with password-protection

·         Improved restore and backup process

·         Single configuration and setup

·         Version and document management

Adroit SCADA Intelligence 3.0 is an out-of-the-box data warehousing and business intelligence solution that collects, process and organise historical data from disparate data sources into a structured industry standard data model (ISA-95 Expanded Equipment Hierarchy).  The resulting information is then made available on a common platform to enable informed decision making.

Adroit SCADA Intelligence is developed on the Microsoft SQL 2008 R2 Enterprise Business Intelligence (BI) platform.  Microsoft Business Intelligence solutions scale to the growing needs of your organisation and provide the agility to respond quickly to changes.

The Adroit SCADA Intelligence Manager is used to configure data connectors, define how and when data is to be processed, database archiving, system backups, monitor system performance, processing durations and system error logs.  The Adroit SCADA Intelligence Analyser allows users to do ad hoc analysis on the data warehouse using drag and drop functionality.

Key features and benefits are:

·         Reduced configuration time

·         Reporting templates

·         Seamless Excel analysis

·         SharePoint capabilities

·         The Adroit SCADA Intelligence Analyser user interface

·         Multiple data sources

·         Transform raw data into information

·         ISA-95 structured equipment hierarchy

·         Microsoft SQL Reporting Services

Adroit Alarm Management brings clarity to your alarming.  It allows the routing of any alarms in Adroit through to the structured alarm management database.  The Adroit Alarm Management Reports provide the tools necessary for alarm system performance measurements and improvement.  The reports include an alarm system performance dashboard and a system performance comparison report to support continuous improvement initiatives.  The alarm analysis reports provide insight into alarming to help improve alarm system and plant.

Key features and benefits are:

·         Web based reporting

·         Easy report download

·         Drill through reports

·         Open technology

·         Printer friendly reports

·         User-defined reports schedule

·         Export report data

·         Windows authentication security

·         Flexible analysis

·         Demo data

Some of the latest Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation Products offered are the L-Series PLC and the new FR-D700-SC Inverter (VSD).

The L-Series is a powerful but compact modular controller with many features built into the CPU itself.  With its excellent cost performance and usability it is ideal for use in mid-size control applications. The rack-free design promotes high system flexibility with minimum form factor. The high-performance CPU includes a CC-Link V2 Master/Local station for connection to the powerful open field network CC-Link.

Besides the functions already built-in, the CPU can be supplemented with up to 10 extension and special function modules for additional digital and analog I/Os, high-speed counters, communications interfaces, Simple Motion, positioning, etc. The compact size, easy expandability, networking capabilities, and multitude of built-in high-powered functions makes the L-Series ideal for both stand-alone machines as well as networked stations in larger applications

Simple and safe operability, compact design as well as improved performance features were the focus during the development of the FR-D700-SC frequency inverter. A drive was created that set standards in the field of compact drives.

The FR-D700-SC is especially advantageous for standard applications by virtue of its user- friendliness. It is the correct choice in both simple and more sophisticated applications. Typical applications are feeder and conveyor drives, machining tools or gate and door drives.

This inverter actively monitors its own functional safety. If, for example, the cooling fan rpm decreases to 50 %, a pre-alarm is triggered. An internal measuring program monitors the ageing of the capacitors and an operating-hours counter enables the operator to plan the best time for servicing. Protection and overload functions like the phase failure monitoring system for both the input and output circuits ensure trouble-free operation.

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