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Adsorption isotherm of uranyl ions by scales of Corvina fish

Fish scale is a by-product of fishery. The scales are mainly formed by hydroxyapatite and collagen, forming a kind of natural composite with a large specific surface area that intensifies the adsorption process. In this paper, the potential of adsorption of scales of Corvina fish for uranyl ions from nitric solutions was studied. Equilibrium and kinetic studies in adsorption of uranyl ions in batch systems were carried out at room temperature. Equilibrium time was reached at 5 min for 0.1 g L
uranyl solution with a removal efficiency over 82%, and at 1 min of contact, about 60% removal was observed. These preliminary results are very promising, showing great prospects of application of fish scales as a biosorbent for uranyl ions in radioactive wastewater treatment processes with sustainable technology.

Keywords: biosorbents, fish scales, Corvina fish, uranium adsorption, sustainable technology, uranyl ions, radioactive wastewater treatment, sustainability

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