Advanced Carpet Cleaning Equipment for Maintaining Commercial Carpets

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Carpet cleaning equipment is highly effective in cleaning commercial and industrial carpets to create a fresh, welcoming environment in any business. Cleaning efficiency and drying time are the two main areas of concern when choosing a quality carpet cleaner for commercial cleaning. Any machine that tackles these two issues effectively not only ensures good cleaning action, but also helps establishments, such as shops and restaurants, get back to their routine activities in the shortest possible time.

Top Performance for Commercial Settings
Top performing carpet cleaning equipment from established companies delivers results that are high on all performance parameters. They use the latest carpet cleaning technologies, like low flow operation, to make sure that get the very best results in the industry.

Hotels and restaurant owners find it tough to keep their carpets clean using conventional cleaning methods. These high traffic premises see a stream of customers walking in and out during business hours. This makes it imperative to clean the carpets regularly to keep the restaurant clean and attractive to customers. Nothing turns away customers and diners faster than dirty, smelly carpets.

Important Considerations: Drying Times
Using the right type of carpet cleaning machines is absolutely important to get the best and fastest results. The drying time of carpets is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a carpet cleaner. High flow conventional cleaning machines do clean the carpet relatively well but the carpets remain out of use for up to 24 hours. This can have an adverse effect on restaurant businesses, as they will not be able to open their business on time.

Carpet cleaning machines that employ the latest low flow technology make it possible to get your carpets looking clean and tidy, while drying in as little as two hours. These super machines use very little water, instead relying on heated output that vastly improves the efficiency and power of these carpet cleaner machine. The temperatures from the cleaning machines can reach as high as 210°F.

Advanced carpet cleaning equipment employs low flow technology, reducing the quantity of water that is transferred on to the carpet surface without affecting the efficiency in any way. They also have high suction and extraction powers that leave the carpet completely clean and ready to use in two hours flat. For this reason, even non-heated, low-flow systems are immensely powerful. Restaurants will not have to face the embarrassment of using carpets that are soggy and an ideal medium for bacteria and germs.

Carpet cleaning machines find use in auto interior detailing, too, as the same fast drying technology can be used in upholstery cleaning. When paired with a specialized 4' upholstery cleaners tools, car interiors can be cleaned and ready for delivery in record time.

Carpet cleaning equipment from Daimer Industries not only delivers consistently superior results but can also prove to be highly cost effective in the long run, allowing businesses to operate as usual while offering customers a clean, welcoming environment.

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